Who are we?

Podemos was born from the conviction that change is possible and with the certainty that it would not be brought about by other political parties (least of all those which have lead us to the present situation) but rather by people who work or are looking for work on a daily basis and who legitimately demand a more prosperous and just future for themselves and their families.

We have a clear idea of what our problems are (unjust and ineffective policies; institutions which are at the service of the few; corruption, inequality…) and what the solutions are – a government for the people which is responsible, reliable, independent and committed to those who wish for a better future.

We have always known that it would be difficult, but we have the support and experience of a great many people. In our country the opportunity for change has opened up. In order to achieve it we need everybody’s help, wherever we are from and whoever we have voted for in the past.

Now is the moment. Yes, we can. Podemos.

How is Podemos organized?

Citizens’ Assembly

The Citizens’ Assembly is made up of all the citizens registered with Podemos, at present around 350,000 people. It is the area in which big decisions are made (primary elections, election of internal positions, political strategies, policies …) and where everyone who is registered can participate directly with an equal say and vote. The only requirements to participate are: to be over the age of eighteen, to be committed to the building up of Podemos and to accept its Ethical Code.

Documents approved by the Vistalegre assembly


The General Secretary is appointed by means of direct election in open citizens’ primaries. He or she fulfils the role of political and institutional representative of Podemos and ensures coordination between different areas of the Citizens’ Council over which he or she presides.
The Citizens’ Council is an executive organ elected by means of open citizens’ primaries. It carries out the decisions made by the Citizens’ Assembly and is constantly accountable to that assembly and to those circles which have mechanisms of direct participation.

This is the body which is in charge of safeguarding the rights of those registered with Podemos as well as its fundamental principles and organizational rules. It is made up of members elected directly and independently in open citizens’ primaries.


These are voluntary groups open to people whose common interest is political change, which are based on the principles of democracy and participation.

There are two kinds of Circles: territorial circles which belong to a specific geographical area and sectoral circles which work on a particular policy area or correspond to a professional category. They are independent in their organization, provided that they respect the documents approved by the Citizens’ Assembly. Anybody can create a Circle and apply for its validation. It is not necessary to be registered with, or to be a member of Podemos to do so.

At present the circles are undergoing a process of validation, in accordance with the organizational document approved in the Citizens’ Assembly. We will soon be publishing a map of validated circles.

Circles validation

Consultations, protocol and procedures