What is IMPULSA? IMPULSA has been created to facilitate the development of innovative projects with social impact. The support offered by Podemos consists of an economic contribution to the projects which receive the most votes, and the opportunity to put forward projects to the “Talent Bank” of Podemos in order to obtain new co-workers, especially those whose talents would be most needed. In this second edition of IMPULSA there is a budget of 300,000 Euros which will be distributed equally among three categories: IMPULSA your country; IMPULSA your surroundings; Podemos IMPULSA. Each category has a different selection process (for more information, please consult the rules).

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Tools for participation

Plaza Podemos, our channel of Appgree and the Osoigo application are some of the tools that we use in Podemos to promote the participation of citizens, encouraging debate and making contact possible between our parliamentarians and ordinary citizens via new ways of working based on accountability.
Plaza Podemos
Citizens’ initiatives are the mechanism whereby the proposals which are voted for by most people registered can be put before the organization, defended and accepted and put to the vote.
Citizens’ Initiatives
The Teams of Participative Action (EAP) are territorial groups of people who wish to participate directly in specific matters which require less consultation or constant involvement than participation in Circles, but which likewise have a responsible role within the organization.

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