At Podemos we consider our funding sources and our transparency a matter of upmost importance. This is because we believe that economic independence and transparency are required elements for any political party in a functioning democracy.

Podemos’ funding is based on three basic principles:

In order to be economically independent from banks and economic powers, we are putting in place innovative and collaborative financing tools inspired by the values of collaborative economy. Accordingly, we offer citizens the opportunity to get involved in the funding of projects. These tools are contributions, crowd funding and microcredits.

In order to avoid past mistakes, it is indispensable that things are done differently. We have a solid commitment not to depend on banks or economic powers. Therefore, it has been a priority since the beginning to widen as much as possible our donor and contributor base, to which end we have established restrictions on donors beyond those stipulated by law.


In Podemos we put into practice the kind of transparency we want to see from public institutions. We oblige ourselves to show what we spend down to the last euro. In our Statutes we committed ourselves to publishing our accounts quarterly and in an accessible and easily understandable way. We will include in our Portal de Transparencia (Freedom of Information webpage) there are details and receipts for every outlay.


How to contribute to Podemos?

Regular contributions

From 5 € a month



Contribute to specific projects



Fund the campaign



Banners, clothing, books, accessories